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    Back and core Program

    Hi all,

    I have recently had some back issues due to work and I decided to start the Back and Core program just to help strengthen the area but I have ran into an issue with the yoga day on day 3 Day 3 - Page 4 ( I have found that I am not flexible to do some of those positions namely No. 4 and 5 can sort of do and No. 7 and 9 almost no chance. My question is, Is there any other positions I can substitute into the routine or alternatives I can do. I tried as hard as I could but it felt like an injury would occur if I pushed myself at least for now. Thanks for any suggestions or advice.

    For all the yoga workouts on Darebee I simply try my best. After doing a workout several times I can usually make some improvement.

    For the one you post I totally understand #7 and #9. For #7 I always need a lot of strength to pull my legs and upperbody up, but over time it gets easier. #9 is simply pretty advanced, I think, if you want to go that low. The best I can do is having my elbows touching the ground, and that's already an improved range, but the terror or breaking my legs can really occur.

    Just keep working on it and you will see improvement, even if it's slow, and certainly don't force it to the point of injury. If you are interested in yoga you can try out those in the database.


      The given poses are a pictures of the "endrange", as said try as good as it works for you.

      some progression ideas, to make it easier.:
      lunge with twist, start by touching yous knee wigh the opposite hand and slide down until you reach the elbow, someday...

      pigeon is a hard one, you can start with sitting on a pillow and the more your leg is under yo, the easier it gets...

      bow pose can be done kneeling, just rotate the picture...

      reclining hero, can use the same kneeling with elbows or even straight arms and palms on the ground.

      Always be sure you dont hurt yourself...

      I hope it helps, greetings


        Everything that kandy and HellYeah said are excellent.
        The only thing I would add is that you can google modifications to whatever pose you are trying to do, like pigeon pose.
        I think just about everyone has a problem with that one. I looked it up and found a nice video about that.
        For me Yoga with Adriene works well, and I find she explains poses simply and almost always gives multiple variations for simpler and harder.
        I have found that back and core was excellent for my back, and think its a great program.
        Good luck, and keep up the progress


          Please be careful with #9 - reclining hero. I can do the rest quite easily but I got stuck once doing #9. Couldn't get back up without help. It wasn't painful, but I had no way to get back up.


            Thanks all for the advice will do some research and see how I go.