Hi everyone !

I've been on darebee for several years. I am a long time lurker and haven't been consistent with my workouts until early 2019. I finally registered in 2019 but this is my first post on the Hive. I workout five days a week, doing lots of cardio and some strength training. Recently, I've been addicted to doing high knees for my workouts after I completed the At Home Marathon.

I've been counting steps but I wanted to buy a fitness tracker to accurately track distance and steps. I have no idea which fitness tracker to buy. I already bought two and they are inaccurate when it comes to counting my high knees. (Moov now fitness watch and Lintelek fitness tracker). I've been working on my pace and I consider myself very fast at times during my workout and both trackers are off by several hundred steps.

Anyone have accurate results with a fitness tracker doing high knees? Would greatly appreciate any reply. Thank you for reading and happy new year !