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    The count of the exercise

    The exercise says "20 butt kicks".
    Does it mean 10 left butt + 10 right butt, or 20 left + 20 right?

    The same for other exercices.
    "2 jumping lunges".
    Is it 2 jumps in total? Or 2 jumps from right leg to left, and 2 jumps from left to right?

    Or "2 side-to-side lunges",
    Does it mean 2 full cycles left-right-left-right, or left-right and that's it?

    Also the question about tracking the days. I assume it doesn't get saved on the server. So even if I tick a certain day as completed, then after I have closed the browser tab and came back it won't be saved there? So I need another - durable source of tracking?

    10 reps is 5 each side

    You need to accept cookies to save the progress, at least I thonk so...

    Welcome to the Hive!


      I was about to ask the same question heh, thx HellYeah for the info!