Recovering from covid

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    Recovering from covid

    Hi everyone! I have covid 19 and feel without energy.
    I commonly eat well and train everyday but theese days are hard.
    Any recommendation to recover fast?

    It's a viral infection, so there isn't anything to "speed up" recovery. It will run its course, and hopefully you don't need to be hospitalized.

    If you're having trouble breathing, then consider going to the hospital. (You can even buy a portable pulse oximeter to check your oxygen level; most people should be > 94%. If the number is less than 90%, then you may need steroids and/or hospitalization.)

    Just about everything else people will say is based weak evidence, hearsay, or no evidence at all. Supplements won't help unless you have an underlying deficiency, so be wary of anyone trying to promote some sort of "vitamin cocktail" or push vitamin c, vitamin d, zinc, magnesium, elderberry, etc... These things have been studied in sepsis and COVID specifically and shown no true benefit. If you feel better taking any of those, then go for it - but it won't speed your recovery. There is no such thing as an "immune booster" - your immune system works, or it doesn't; and if it doesn't, you won't be able to correct that with pseudoscience/"alternative medicine."

    /end rant

    In all likelihood, if you're fairly young, without major medical problems, and without significant smoking history and/or underlying lung disease, you will be just fine. You will probably feel like garbage, but it's unlikely you will require hospitalization or any other specific medical intervention. Eat and drink as normally as you can. Manage any fever with acetaminophen or ibuprofen. Stay hydrated. Good luck and feel better!

    -- from an urban emergency medicine clinician, where we have been dealing with COVID for nearly a year


      Oh! It is a honor!

      Thank you for the response. If in some days I start to feel better, can I train? Or is better to wait th two weeks?


        I would just go by how you feel.

        If you have no fever, are breathing easy, and basically feel like yourself, then by all means - get to it!

        Just be cautious and take care of yourself. No need to rush anything.

        Good luck!


          I had Covid 19 in November. Number 1 thing is if you are having difficulty breathing, cheast pain of any kind or an uncontrollable fever go to the hospital.
          I had bad dehydration, I simply couldn't get enough to drink. So drink plenty of water and smoothies that have a lot of ice and juice blended in them. Sports drinks or rehydration formulas like pedialyte are good too.
          The really hard part of recovery depends on how bad your lungs are affected. Even after I recovered from everything else my lungs still need almost a month to heal.