Spartan trials - how do i choose the weights

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    Spartan trials - how do i choose the weights

    Hello the hive,

    i m interested in doing the spartan trials but i don t know how to choose the weights.

    happy new year, and thank you for the help

    Great program! It's a lot of fun. I assume you mean the dumbbells for the strength days?

    A guideline that Darebee posted for the kettlebell program is to choose a weight you can just do 10 bicep curls with...and use that one. The same thinking applies here, I believe.

    My advice -- what I wish I had done -- is look through the program and find out your "10 rep max" for each exercise (dual bicep curls, bent over rows, etc.). Don't cheat on form, but determine the max with good form. Do this before starting on day 1. Then, you have your benchmarks for the program. Then, have fun.

    At the end of the program, it could be cool to compare how your max has increased for each exercise.