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    Choosing dumbbell weight

    Hello bees!

    I'm currently using my flatmates 2.5kg dumbbells for the mods on 30 Days of Gravity, but I'm thinking I should probably get heavier ones since they don't feel like they're challening me that much. I'm not sure how to choose the right weight though.... what's a good way to measure that? I'm thinking of doing Xpress tone next and it says to pick a pair that you can do 20 bicep curls with with relative ease but:

    1. are these bicep curls in one go with one arm or alternating bicep curls (so only 10 per arm)?

    2. what does "relative ease" really mean? How does it translate to how many I should be able to do before tiring? With my current set I can do 20 pretty easily, probably too easily? But how do I tell what "with relative ease but not too easy" is?

    Sorry this question is all over the place, hope you can help me anyway!

    And happy new year everyone!

    20 biceps curls means 10 with left arm and ten with right arm.

    To know the correct weight you have to try. Thus, you chose a dumbell and do biceps curl till failure. If you do 13-14 biceps curl for each arm, it's good, since you have a buffer but not too much. In other case you have to decrease/decrease weight. If you want to do another test, rest 3-5 minutes to have a full recovery.


      thepresident thanks, that's very helpful!


        I tend to go by: For any rep range, the 1st 1/3 of the reps should feel easy, 2nd 1/3 should feel like work, and final 1/3 should only be possible bc you know you're almost done.