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30 Days of Gravity reps are not clear for me

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    30 Days of Gravity reps are not clear for me


    I'd appreciate if anyone could help me to understand how to do first day of 30 Days of Gravity,
    I'm not so sure how those reps are supposed to be split between exercises or each one for example for level 1 is 60 reps.


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    Hello moto_hastam , welcome

    Here you have to complete the number of repetitions for the level you're looking for. In this particular day, in part I, they're not sets, so you can split (the number of repetitions) into the ones you feel comfortable. Finish each exercise before to pass the next.You can take all rest time you need, that means that you can do all in one go, or (for example) sets of 10 or 20 or whatever with 30/60/120 sec (etc...)of rest.


      The reps would be for each exercise, - 60 reps of lunge step ups, 60 reps of the leg raises & 60 squats