What after Cardio Trim?

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    What after Cardio Trim?

    Two days ago, I have completed Cardio Trim. It was quite challenging, but I've managed to do all the exercises. The only thing I have not fully completed are pushups. There were days when I had to switch from normal pushups to knee pushups.

    I am fairly skinny, except I have a little fat on my belly. My height is 175cm and my weight is 74kg. My goal is to build muscles without neglecting the general fitness and cardio. Are there any programs that fit my needs or maybe I should switch to one of darebee workouts?

    Hi Petroelo and welcome to The Hive. If you want to work on your push ups and build strength, have a look at 30 Days of Gravity . There is a handy table that explains the programs. Look for 'strength & tone'.