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    Hi my name is Raquel and I struggle with PCOS. I don't know what kind of workouts I would benefit from and I would love any suggestions. If you have any tips or tricks to lose weight with PCOS I would love to here it. Thank You!

    I don't know how much PCOS effects exercise but building good habits that you can stick with is probably going to be more important that doing a specific kind of workout, so trying out different things and seeing what you enjoy will help with that. If you want to a program then The Foundation is a good place to start, or there's a page to help you pick a program. If you want to do standalone workouts then there's a huge number in the workouts database and you can filter them to narrow them down. Are there things you've done before that you've enjoyed or types of workout that you'd like to try? We can probably give you some more specific recommendations knowng that