Mass Effect - How much is a cup in grams? 🙄 do you have any recommend program?

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    Mass Effect - How much is a cup in grams? 🙄 do you have any recommend program?

    So glad that I fond this website! 😀

    Hey everyone! 👋

    really want go gain mussels + gain weight
    looking for a program that will give me that 💪

    1. I'm fit and skinny - do you have any recommend program?

    I started this week split training -

    Monster Leg -

    Push and Pull -

    with 4 training days on a week.
    both of the workout is setting on hard difficulty and if feels right.

    2. Picked this Meal plan -

    maybe my cup is not the right cup... 🤔
    cold someone explain me how much gram is in a cup?
    and how to you maser the ingredients?

    Thanks for everything 🙏

    Hi BlackSmack.

    Here's a conversion table for cups:

    I hope it's useful for you.

    For picking a programme you could try the programme picker:

    And look for the Strength and Tone ones - maybe Spartan Trials...?

    Good luck, I hope you find something that works for you - you may well get some better answers here (I'm no expert), and please continue to ask questions and maybe start your own Check-in thread so you can log your progress and collect supporters!

    Welcome to Darebee.


      Sadly cups are just a really horrid measurement for anything.

      The grams per cup will vary not only based on what you put in (a cup of broccoli is heavier than a cup of quinoa puffs), but also based on how you cut it and whether and how hard you tap it on the counter (I recommend looking up the Hausner factor).

      Cups are garbage and the only reasons why Americans get by on using cups is because they make their recipes really convoluted and mostly bake with wheat flour, where you can just vary every ingredient by 20% in either direction and be fine.

      If you ever have a recipe that requires accuracy you'll want to use gramms.

      Cups also mean you constantly have to wash your cups, whereas when using a scale usually you can just weigh directly from the container, not having to wash anything.

      I realise this isn't exactly helpful, but the gist of it is: The mealplan isn't dependent on accuracy and you can just estimate the volume.


        Thank you for answering 🙏

        Colin - Thanks for the Welcoming message 😀
        How to Check-In?

        Noen - Thank you for your detailed Answering -
        guess my eyes will replace the cup 😉


          Hey Blacksmack.

          You already have an account, so, when you're logged in to the site, head to the "checking in" section of the site:

          And to start your own log you can just click "add new" at the top and give your log a name: here's what mine looks like:

          And you can just keep replying to keep a diary of your progress - you don't have to, but lots of people find it useful.

          I hope you have a good day.


            Thank you so much Colin!
            You are so kind 🙂