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    Newbie Questions !

    Hi all!

    To introduce myself in a few key information: I am 22 years old and 5'8 or 5'9 (i don't know how to convert 1m77) for 132lbs (60kg). I've been back to sport for a good month after several years of sedentary life.

    I did the first 15 days of the Foundation program at level I and then moved on to level II. I am currently at day 20. At the end of each session (the first 15 days) I was doing 1min of plank and since my passage to level II I am doing 1min30. So far everything is going very well, I do a good warm-up and a good stretching session at the end of my sessions. I'm quite satisfied with the program, it allows me to get back in shape and prepare myself for the future.

    That's where you come in because I'm swimming in an ocean of information that I don't master. You will have understood that I am lost.
    I will try to clarify and structure my questions so that it will be easier for you to answer them.

    Before I do that, I will quickly tell you about the current situation and my objectives: I am a very thin person and I never managed to gain a lot of weight when I exercised regularly. I only managed to gain a little fat on my stomach when I stopped. Maybe it's because of the hundreds of Red Bulls I've been able to drink since then? ^^
    I am not interested in becoming a mountain of muscle and in any case I don't think I have the right metabolism for it. My ideal would be to take muscle to draw my silhouette (stay dry) but without going to extremes. Gaining flexibility seems inevitable to me because I am clearly a branch. Impossible to bend.

    Let's go for the questions!

    Based on everything I've just told you, which program should I go for? I've been thinking about Gravity, Full Circuit, 90 Days of Action, Athena's Playbook, The Gauntlet, HIIT or HIIT Advanced.

    Once I've selected a program, would it be a good idea to continue plank at the end of my sessions? I was thinking more about stopping it and doing the Total Abs program in addition to the next program I'm going to follow. Or maybe combine all ? New program + Total Abs + Plank ? I'm afraid that would be too much.

    What do you think of the HIIT program? I've always heard good things about this kind of training, but I've also heard a lot of bad things about it. I've always heard that the body takes a big hit and has a hard time recovering in the long run. So we had to space out the sessions and rest.

    On this subject, the programs do not provide for days of rest. Aren't they essential when doing sports? Especially if I switch to a more intense program (coupled with Total Abs), I'm afraid that I won't leave enough time for my muscles and my body in general to rest and develop well.

    I think I've done the trick, maybe more questions will come up.

    Apologize for my english ^^'

    Thank you in advance for all your answers!

    Hi there, welcome!

    I also tend to think a lot about which program and challenges that I am going to do next. AND congrats on your progress so far. It sounds nice.

    For your goal which is body-shape-related, my first advice is to take care of your diet. Long story short, I have done multiple programs including some of those that you mention, and I have never seen a drastic change of physique on myself because I don't pay attention to diet because shape isn't my primary goal. However I have gained some muscles and tone due to strength workout/ program, and more strength when I start to force more food/ protein intake.

    In your case I believe you need to eat more, because your body fat is probably low enough and you just need to gain some muscle mass to see the tone/ silhouette effect. I have a friend with about the same height and weight as yours so I can kind of imagine your shape.
    For you I recommend doing a general fitness program, and among many 90 Days of Action, which is a safe step from Foundation. It has strength, cardio, abs, etc. You can do add-on programs (Total Abs, Totals, etc.) and challenges on top of it if you want to do more. Athena's is a good program, too. Gravity might be too much for you if you just come out of Foundation, but you can definitely give it a try and see if you can handle it. Spartan Trials which you have not mentioned is also a fun program but again the difficulty level might be too high.

    Cardio related programs can really make you lose weight. I dropped some during 60 Days of Cardio and I was not even cutting my food intake, but I was doing dumbbell/ strength workout at that time as well and I had to increase my food intake to just maintain my weight. Personally 30 Days of HIIT didn't do much for me when I did it, but every one was different.