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    Hero's Journey wrist/ ankle weights

    So today I did Hero's Journey day 4 with ankle weights for Part 1.

    The way I read it was that there's a graphic with ankle weights next to Part 1 but not Part 2, so they were just meant to be worn for Part 1. Did I read it correctly, or did it actually apply to the entire day (so I should have done it for Part 2 as well)?

    I notice that in the point chart it says "+50 for every day you wear the armor," so do I get 50 extra points today? Since the "+50" instruction is in the weapon section, I am not sure if the points can only be earned on weapon days or on other days as well.

    Finally, if I want, should I wear ankle/ wrists weights just on the days that have the corresponding graphics? Or should I do it every day? I know some of you might think I can do whatever I want but I would like to know the intention of the program itself.

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    I guess they are just for part one, since when doing flutter kicks and such they are more effective than doing supermans. But wear your armor whenever you feel you need it.


      Gonna make this thread pop up again since I haven't got answers for all the questions yet.

      Andi64 Thanks, and I also think it's weird if you add weight to a stretching exercise like superman.

      Damer Can you please clarify? And I have another question regarding day 6. It asks me to do push-up to failure but what if I become so fatigued by, say, the 8th set that I can't do a single push up in any form but I still want to aim for lvl3 which is 10 sets?

      Will it count if I keep going with the last 3 sets but just do the shoulder? My thought is that I do zero push-ups before I get to failure so it's not entirely a "skip." Or should I just stay with lvl2?


        kandy in order of questioning:

        1. The ankle weights applies parts 1. But if you want to you can also use it on part 2.
        2. The 50 points can be had on any day BUT ... they are wrist weights AND ankle weights. This also answers point 3.

        "To failure" means you keep on going until you cannot do another rep. So if, for argument's sake, we assume you can do 10 push-ups maximum you do that, first time round. Then when it comes to the second, third, fourth set etc your failure point will have moved to maybe 2 push-ups as fatigue kicks in and that is fine. Each time you need to go to your failure point which means no skipping the push-ups I am afraid.

        It is really hard work being a hero as we found out in the trials of this program It is also really transformative both inside and out. Day 4 in particular was also really good for creativity we discovered with some cusswords I'd never heard before.


          Damer Thank you for your response. So I am not supposed to add 50 points on day 4 even though I did it with the ankle weights, right?

          For the push-ups part I totally understand. What I say above is almost exactly how I do today. For the 7th set I still got 4 classic push-ups and for the 8th I did 3 incline as I couldn't get down in the classic position at all. During the 9th when I tried in the same incline position, as long as I started pressing down my arms gave out.

          It's a cool experience even though I failed to get to the 10th set, and I did marked myself at lvl2. It's good to leave such room for improvement, so it's a real challenge that's worth it. There's a beauty to it, too. It's just that I tend to get negative and paranoid about the part that makes thing imperfect, while I know I should feel happy about my work today. But I also know I will feel fresh tomorrow and not caring about that anymore.


            kandy onwards and upwards! Just like in the trials we all decided that real heroes just never give up. They get up no matter how many times they are down.