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    Exercise programs for older folks

    Hi all,

    I am 57 and fit, and came across Darebee through my son’s online PE class at school.

    Many of the programs look good & fun, and offer some great variety which is fantastic for the current lockdown situation.

    However I am wandering whether some of the 30 days routines are good for older people?

    I currently strength-train with body weight 3 times per week with biking on a couple of the other days, do you think it’s ok to strength train every day?

    Everything I have read advises Programs over 3 or 4 days per week, with rest days in between.

    Actually looking more closely at some of the 30 day programs I can see that the days are split across body parts, giving the required rest periods. Maybe my previous question can be ignored!!


      Hi welcome

      You can definitely exercise every day and all Darebee programs are designed to be done on a daily basis. The key is to listen to your body. I gonna tag DorothyMH who is a senior fit lady exercising every day.

      My specific pick regarding program goes to the Totals, or even easier ones like Baseline. Start with something mild so that you can see how yourself do in terms of exercising every day.

      Good luck!


        Nigelfish Welcome! You most definitely *can* use the programs on a daily basis👍🏼😊. The DareBee team specifically designs and tests all of their programs, challenges, workouts and daily dares so that you can exercise *something* every day. In order to have a consistent fitness habit, a daily plan is useful.
        Your description of your current regime is very similar to what I always did when I went to the gym. (Btw, I am 57 also!😬)When I started using the check-in log here everyday, I became much more consistent. I found that following a program varies the workouts so nicely that I never get bored. If you look at my thread, however, you’ll notice I arrange it by the calendar month. And each month the days I have scheduled completely different from the prior month. I also use FitnessBlender.com, and ThenX.com, Yoga with Adriene, Redefining Strength, Blogilates, PopSugar, just to name few other fitness sites. Many Dare Bees, use alternative sites and their own routines to keep their habit and progress toward their fitness goals going.
        Good luck, and I hope this helps!😊


          Nigelfish Welcome! I’m 65 and have been using DAREBEE almost 2 years.