APT, Belly and oblique pooch, kyphosis and scoliosis

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    APT, Belly and oblique pooch, kyphosis and scoliosis

    Hi, there need some veterans to guide me even if there are people who are physician therapist to like really tell me or write/comment which exercises should i really wotk with to get ma anterior pelvic tilt get rid of or fix alongside with the stubborn fatty belly pooch that is forming and just the belly but obliques aswell.

    I searched the internet but i am not sure about the exercises and also i do go to gym like 9 months now but i have a feeling it is worsening and even tho i have thorachic kyphosis and amild scoliosis that is pushing my left side forward what should i work or do.?

    I want to go to swim but since its pandemic state what else could i do to replace actual swimming with some exercises on "land".

    When the situation stabilises what exercises should i do in the pool?

    My therapist told me the kyphosis and scoliosis are not extreme and are reversible but i still need help as i am on the verge to harm myself

    ​​​​​​​Also last thing shoul i continue going to the gym?

    Thank you all in advance, p.s. sorry if i am repetable in some points.