What to do after Military Fit?

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    What to do after Military Fit?

    Greetings everyone,

    I will complete my 30 days of Military Fit (lvl 1) today, and I am lost in the sea possibilities of what to do next. Maybe the logic thing to do will be MF at lvl2, but I would like to take another program in between so i don't get bored of doing the same exercises over and over again. It would be nice to hear some advice from The Hive about what I can do next to keep chanllenging myself.

    Have a nice day

    What is your goal (s)?

    Without any information about you and your goal(s) is impossible give you a good recommendation


      At a minimum, aim at another level 4 program, or a level 5. https://darebee.com/program-filter#s...n&sortdir=desc allows you to filter by difficulty level.
      Then there are the event weeks...https://darebee.com/events.html


        Originally posted by thepresident View Post
        What is your goal (s)?

        Without any information about you and your goal(s) is impossible give you a good recommendation
        That's a good point, sorry. I am looking for an increase in my general performance, as I want to get a good base for a more specific training (Physical tests to become a firefighter here in Spain). Lately I've been noticing my cardio is getting behind, but I don't want to focus 100% on my cardio and neglect other aspects of my fitness.

        Thank you both for your replies.


          Ah! Firefighter training.
          Yeah, cardio and functional fitness all the way.
          I'd suggest sandbag workouts (Military Fit Plus and the sandbag workouts + Caveman) running (I like Roadwork and Sprintathlon from the running section of the site, but that's me).
          Good luck!


            Considering the goal, I suggest to focus on the test and work on your weakness.

            I googled and I have find that the more used tests are:

            1) rope climbing; (2) combined circuit of agility, speed, and strength; (3) long-distance racing (1500 meters); (4) swimming (100 meters); (5) control of vertigo and balance; and (6) claustrophobic control.

            Thus, the tests (3) and (4) regards specific activities that need to be trained. You can non be a good runner and/or swimmer without run or swim. I checked the requirements of 1500m run they are not easy but are feasible, i.e. the best rating consist to run the distance with a time less than or equal to 4'30 "00 (i.e. 3"00 for 1 km), the threshold is set to 5'15"01 - 5'30"00.
            I think that the same analysis could be done on swimming requirements, but I am not an expert about such an activities.

            The test (3) and (4) needs a good upper body strength, a good hand grip and stamina. As suggest by BravoLimaPoppa3, Military fit plus is good choice another option is Boxer Prime (but I think not the next one)

            To improve your hand grip you can find idea, e.g. in this pages

            I think that a very important exercise for your goal is pull up, I suggest to master it very well


              Theank you both, BravoLimaPoppa3 and thepresident, for sharing your knowledge. I promise I will put it to a good use hehe.

              The problem with firefighter tests here in Spain is they differ a lot from one department to the next one, there isn't a standard for the whole country.

              If you are curious, the one I'd like to join has the following tests:

              1)Raising a weight (barbell with plates) of 60kg over the head.
              2)Climbing a 6m rope in less than 12s
              3) 3000m race, 12m20s = 0pts ... 11m45s or less = 7pts (max)
              4)100m swim 1m45s = 0 pts ... 1m30s or less = 3pts (max)
              5) Vertigo. Climbing the ladder of the truck to a height of 30m with a 60ยบ incline.
              6) Work. Shoveling 0,6m3 of sand from one container to another. 4m40s = 0pts ... 3m50s = 10pts (max)