I need a flat(er?) stomach (or bigger pecs)! Please read the details.

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    I need a flat(er?) stomach (or bigger pecs)! Please read the details.

    Firstly, I'm in good physical shape, I can jog (at a comfortable pace) or walk for 20 kilometres at least, feeling as fresh as I felt when I started, I can do about 300 squats and lunges each in a workout without much trouble and I can do about 200 push-ups in a workout and not be sore enough to compromise movement even remotely the next day.. I can also do a 5-minute plank.. I'm about 5'11" or 180cm tall and have a weight of ~65 KG, giving me a BMI of roughly 20.1. I've completed programs 30 days of HIIT advanced as well.

    Now, when I try digging a finger in on my upper abs, there's a layer of what I'd assume is fat which is roughly about half an inch thick (I'm not sure about this). Of course, it's a little more on the lower ab region. What's worth noting here is that when I really tighten or flex my abs, at least 4 of the upper (and middle?) abs are visible with a soft outline... My focus, however, has never been to get "ripped", I prefer functional strength.

    There's a bulge of sorts, where the abdominal muscle wall region is. Not a peculiar one, but when I'm in clothes, it makes me look like I've got a ponch.This is somewhat unsettling for me.. Is there anything I can do to either increase the size of my pecs or decrease the size of my abs so that my whole torso gets a better aesthetic when I'm in clothes, with just my bodyweight? I don't even have access to a pull up bar and I'm not very pleased with the idea of going to the gym..

    Since your weight is already at a point where you shouldn't go any lower, the goal really should be now to build muscle while staying the same weight (yes, this is very much possible, at BMI 20 you're nowhere near where your body would need extra encouragement to build more muscle).

    And it doesn't really matter where you build the muscle, since even calf muscle or bicep muscle will "suck away" the fat from your stomach (for men the belly area is usually the last place with visible fat).
    Of course building up your chest with various push-up versions will make your stomach look flatter. But don't forget your butt; a big round muscular butt also visually slims the belly (and looks very good in trousers).

    You should be eating around 104 g of protein a day for optimum muscle growth.

    Additionally you can do the stomach vacuum to stabilise and further (slightly) flatten your belly. It's good for your health as well, since it means extra stability for your organs.