Is there a reason to "rest two minutes"?

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    Is there a reason to "rest two minutes"?

    This may be a dumb question, but I'm working through Foundation Light right now and it recommends resting two minutes between sets. I'm wondering if there's a reason for that be two minutes, or can I continue after one minute, or thirty seconds.

    Basically, is there a physiological reason to rest longer if you're ready to go sooner?

    In the workouts it's always 'rest up to 2 minutes' for some reason the same workout in a program has '2 minutes rest between sets'. If you feel up to it, rest 30" or don 't rest at all.

    A look in the manual reveals:
    Recommended rest time:

    Level I: 2 minutes or less
    Level II: 60 seconds or less
    Level III: 30 seconds or less



      I would say that if you can do absolutely fine (everything with good form) with just 1 min or 30 secs rest between sets, then go for it. That's how I approach it now. It's a huge time saver.

      I have seen bees doing "mega set," which is no rest between sets. Personally I take at least 30 secs because I think the rest time still means something, even though I can probably go for mega sets, too.


        There is no inherent harm in doing no pause at all.

        However many exercises require a good form to be safe and effective. The two minutes are more of a maximum to ensure you don't get out of the workout.

        So experiment; try out how much rest time you need in order to maintain a good form. If you need more than two minutes of rest to redo an exercise correctly it might be too many reps for you or simply too hard.