On 50 push-ups challenge

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    On 50 push-ups challenge

    Hello everyone,

    I hope you are all well and safe.

    I have a question regarding the 50 push ups in a row challenge. I'm on day 24 and even though I managed to complete the push ups, last one I did it halfway.

    the other sets (15 and 10) I did halfway, this was also for the last couple of days.

    I don't want to end the challenge here, nor to do it halfway. Do you think it is a good idea to go back a couple of days?

    Any suggestions?



    Why not go back a week and see how you do this time.


      You can absolutely go back a few days.

      Are you having trouble sleeping? Poor sleep can affect your regeneration, meaning your progress is slower than you're used to. Regeneration can also be slowed if you're not getting enough protein.

      Remember everyone builds strenght, endurance and muscle at different speeds. And our bodies do sometimes have slow phases, just go at your own pace, because redoing some days is way better than overworking yourself.


        Welcome back Noen !


          at least 5 days, one week is a better choice


            Hello everyone,

            Thanks for all your input. After failing day 25 with 27 instead of 30, I went back to day 15. Also I had to readjust my mindset, because I went in there thinking it would be easy. It is easier, but not easy.

            But still, I have to be concentrated to make it. Nevertheless, my reps are better than before. I'm definitely taking into account the rest advise, and also the protein one.

            Thank again!


              those last days are physically and mentally hard!!