Stuck at my current physique!

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    Stuck at my current physique!

    I have been working out from last 2 years and from some time I have been doing strength exercise like IRONBORN and 30 DAYS OF GRAVITY program from last 6 month but can't see any significant change in my physique.
    it looks like I'm stuck at my physique, don't go below that neither up.

    The change will have to come from diet. Eat more to get bigger, less to get smaller. On the plus side you have found maintenance and that isn't always easy to do.


      As Azercord said you need more food generally and protein especially. Keep in mind, that our bodys are genetically predetermined, so there is a range in that you can achieve progress, but there are no wonders. Here is about what I posted to a similar question:

      Here is an article on protein and how to calculate the right intake.
      Here is an article on building muscle.
      To bulk up you need a different workout regimen. Most Darebee workouts are in the 'endurance' range with ~ 20 reps. That's good, because it is a safe range and people not used to working out are less prone to hurt themselves.
      You need be more in the 6-12 reps range (= more weight) for building muscle size (sarcoplasmic hypertrophy)
      Here is a comprehensive guide on sets and reps. There should be one of those on this site, I guess.

      Buiding muscle is also a game of variety, so you should spice up your workout with pullups (weighted maybe, to keep the range low), pushups (decline maybe, to keep the range low) or pike presses and situps or hanging leg raises. And don't forget your lower body and do some legwork!

      With all that said, keep in mind that your tendons, joints and ligaments take longer to get used to the new loads/regimen than your muscles, which are happy to grow esp. if you are young and male. So take it easy in the beginning. You'll need them for a lifetime.
      Good luck.



        Welcome to Hive šŸ˜Š

        Iā€‹ā€‹ā€‹ā€‹ agree with everyone on the diet and portien intake!

        I also believe that to have a great physique you need to keep challenging your body once in a while by pushing your self with new programs and routines, when you repeat the same programs over and over; your results will be focused on those certain workouts, and hence your muscle shape and size will have a certain look or physique if i may say.

        All that being said, my advice is to do new workout programs that you never did before, keep adding new ones whenever your done, this ensures that you keep doing diverse exercises that focus on all your muscles defrently, which will help you see physical changes on your physique. as a start I recommend (Strength Protocol) if you haven't done it yet, it's 4 out 5 hardness ranking, but it defrently changed my physique.

        Another thing that you can do is to add an (add on program/s) to your daily workout program like (impossible abs or back & core) there are plenty more on Darebee, but this can also help change your physique by focusing on certain muscle groups everyday.

        In the end I must mention that workingout is only 30% the other 70% is your daily diet /nutrition /supplement /and no bad eating habits.

        Good luck with your journey!


          I think Andi64 gives pretty good and comprehensive advices, and I learn from it, and the part that Nitrous mentions about how doing the same exercises leads to certain physique is pretty interesting. I know how playing certain sports leads to specific looks but I have never thought about it at such a level of individual workouts.

          I think another sign that you have been under-eating is your strength, meaning you keep getting stuck at a particular strength level.