Training with a disc protrusion

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    Training with a disc protrusion

    Hi everyone! First post here.

    I am a very, very long user of Darebee, finished a lot of the programs and even gave some money when the funding status was critical.

    Now, December of last year I went to do something about my excruciating backpain – it got so bad, that I literelly fell down one time and could only lie there in agony. Turns out I have a herniated Disc in the middle of my upper back and a disc protrusion in my lower back. Funny enough, the herniated disc doesent do anything bad, but the protrusion F's me up if I am not careful.

    For a time everything went pretty good, I started to plank, box in VR and in May of this year I started to lift again – as per the advice of my doctor. I have to stay busy and carefully train my core until I can, citation: "deflect bullets with it". Strong muscles will basically do a lot of the difficult work for my spine, so I am not that prone to hurt myself again. In the last month I somehow missed a step and now my back hurts again. I tried the "POWER UP" program, because it is low impact, but stuff like Day 1 and Day 4 make my back extremely sore the next day (and not in a good way).

    Does anyone of you have some advice what I could do to keep training and slowly raise the bar without krumping my back? This is still new to me, but I refuse to give up – I can do this. Please help!

    Have you gone to a physical therapist? Most therapists should be able to rehabilitate you and offer advice as to how to return to training. It's always a good idea to get input from professionals like them. You don't want to aggravate the problem any further. Hope you are able to train again!


      Yes, I have been to a therapist and I am doing all the exercises she has shown me. Those are more for stretching and a light back-workout though. They help tremendously, but I really want to train a bit more – in a save way of course!


        So.....if bending your back is what causes potential pain, do everything you can w out bending it. Do planks on and off throughout day. Do things like biceps curls, lat raises, military press seated w your back flat against bench/chair. Bench w out arching back. Do cable/pully pulldowns but light.


          Hi Galverg,

          I'm sorry to hear about your back pain! I can only imagine what your going through, I wanna share my experience with my lower back disc and hope it somehow helps you in a way.

          In 2007 I had a similar pain to the one you were talking about, for 7 months, then I couldn't take it anymore, I was 28 year old and 85kg at the time, mostly fat than muscle. Eventually I went to surgery, I had an L5 disc surgery, the Dr. Said it was more to the left side. It took me 6 months to figure out how to walk again with the new me, and 1 year to fully get used to it.

          ​​​​​​My surgeon told me to keep a low whight and stay away from all sports for the rest of my life, that didn't sink in well with me.

          So I started to work on keeping my whight down and losing my extra fat through dieting, then I slowly learned that all that pain and surgery could have been avoided if I used correct posture and form when performing bending or lifting tasks, or during the regular sitting/resting without any lower back support, so I started to be more aware to all my movements, and started to bend my knees more than my back, and keep a proper posutre, not lifting heavy things, If I do I use proper form and bend knees.

          Then I started working out at home, nothing too crazy, just a set of dumblles and pushup/pullup/squats and stayed in and out of shape for years but did not add on any whight , until I recently discovered Darebee, about 3 months ago, now I only do body whights training and (back and core) program as well as (impossible Abs) which all focus in the core muscles which help support back muscles and help with better foum and movement, I also use a back roller before working out everyday.

          I'm sure with time you will be able to to know what workouts you need to avoid coz they are not be right for your situation, a general rule of thumb is if you feel any major discomfort don't do it, if it's on the minor side and you can handel it keep doing it your muscle will get stronger and it will get easier with time, persistence is key. Every once in a while try that workout that gave you major pain just to check if your muscles got stronger and can help support it or not, some of them you will need to never do as you will be able to tell that your spine bones are rubbing against each other. If you feel that don't do that workout and seek an alternative.

          The bottom line of my experience is correct posture and form with all your movements and resting positions + no heavy lifting is key for less back pain.

          I know your health and fitness goals are achievable, you just need to figure out the right workouts and give it some time.

          ​​​Keep going strong and good luck 🤙🏻


            Alright, I did what you guys were saying: Mainly planks, curls and light pushups. Nitrous, I said to the doctor I didn't want to have sugery, because I was afraid of the things you described – I guess I chose wisely!

            After two weeks of light training I am again at the point of having no pain in my lower back at all. I even helped a friend move, carrying refrigerators and everything. I am running again and I am boxing in VR again.
            It's like you said – I have to listen to my body very closely, adjusting whenever I feel like I am overextending. Thank you so much for the help everyone. I am looking forward to completing 30 days of yoga.