Meal plan suggestion for breastfeeding mom

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    Meal plan suggestion for breastfeeding mom

    So obviously I would need to clear this with my doctor, however I was hoping to only have to go over one or two options with my doctor.

    I used to follow Modern Hero, but I’m not sure how that lines up with the additional 500-700 calories required to feed my daughter.

    I’ve never been one to count calories or really track my food (my mother was a fad/crash dieter and I have desperately tried to avoid following her example). I’m honestly not sure how to compare the meal plans for different objectives.

    Any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated!!

    So, if you were maintaining your weight before on modern hero, awesome, you know where your maintenance calories are at w out needed to count! To add 500-700 cals, add an extra meal or 2 substantial, well balanced snacks. If you were dropping weight before w modern hero add another 400 cals or so, maybe by putting a serving of some starch with 2 of your meals. It might make sense to take/continue taking a prenatal vitamin as well bc your body WILL give your daughter what she needs, even if it has to short you on it.

    Congratulations on your new baby!


      Thanks! She’s 7 months now and i’m Finally kicking my butt in gear to get exercising again. I’m at my prepregnancy weight but that was higher than I wanted due to me going gluten free after a Celiac diagnosis.

      Unfortunately, gluten free doesn’t equal weight loss when you were sick from the gluten.

      Thank you for the tips and the info, I’ll discuss with my doctor and see where we go from there.


        All I can say is that you need to be careful with drafts, this is very important, do not eat peppery, salty, greasy, do not drink coffee and drink tea with milk! Unfortunately, I can't say anything for sure because my baby wasn't breastfed, but I can say that if necessary, feed your baby, and that's it. For example, kendall's organic formula for babies, which includes only natural ingredients, really helped me during the feeding period. I buy it in a good store with great prices