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    Thank you for the suggestions, I haven't heard about the challenge yet, I will definitely check it out!

    I have collected some workouts I have found interesting :Altair, Breast lift, Home Tone, Kitten and Upperbody

    I have a pull up bar (the adjustable for the door frame) and sand weights for ankles too, although I had troubles with the sand weights because I can't make the tight enough around my arms or legs so that they don't roll around while I move. That was my decision to buy the dumbbells after them.

    At work I need to lift different kinds of furniture, sand bags, pavillons, grills, a lot of metal equipment....I learned "proper" lifting technique, but most stuff is just too far out of my reach for lifting. Most weighs around 3/4 of my own body weight if not more than my body weight and I usually need to get it stacked up or onto a higher shelf :/
    The heaviest item that landed in my workplace was a pavillon made out of steel with extra stuff in it, weighed around 90kg (almost double me). Obviously I wouldn't try to lift anything like that alone, but I can't even help lifting it with someone else together ...


      That sounds tough. I am probably around your weight (me 47kg), and I am less than 150 cm tall.

      Are you able to do the workouts you mention?? Some are pretty hard. I can't do any pull-ups at all. For push-ups I probably can't even do one rep if I have to go all the way down, so I am mostly doing knee push-ups.

      My ankle sand weights don't fully tie either, but that's okay because I usually wear them around my wrists and then grab the edges with my fingers. I can bicep curl 8lbs each arms but they will fatigue after a few reps.

      Having read the number you post I suggest you go with weight training, if you goal is to have an easy time at work. Express Tone is a good one to add on top of other bodyweight programs. You just need to find the right weight then progress up, and you definitely need your leg muslces for help at work. In the meantime stay smart with the way you deal with those objects.


        50kg and 160cm here, so kinda skinny sadly (always had been)

        I can do the foundation program for sure! I finished day 20 at Level 2 today, which was until I felt that my muscles were just shaking and I couldn't do the excercises right anymore (started to fatique?)

        I can do planking for like 10 seconds until my whole body starts to shake like its minus 50 degress, push ups I can do about 3 until I start shaking.
        On the other hand, I can do 20 crunches in one go e.g..... I feel like my body strength is completely unbalanced
        My middle is pretty strong (I used to have slight abs too) my legs are medium strong and my whole upperbody (arms+shoulders) is like sticks that break when you breath at them

        I will try to start the upperbody challenge starting sunday (tomorrow) but I do have a question about it:

        for day one it says 40 shoulder taps + 40 bicep extensions | 30 sec rest | 3 sets

        does that mean I do 40 of each IN 3 sets or PER set?

        because if its the latter then I probably opt out of it, I had a day in the foundation program with 20 shoulder taps + 20 bicep curls á 3 sets and that had hurt already a ton (60 total versus 120 total is a big difference)


          It means you do 40 shoulder taps and 40 bicep extensions, rest 30 seconds, and repeat, so, the latter.
          If those hurt you, maybe try doing a lower number per set for some days and slowly up the rep count yourself. For example, start with 5/5 per set, or 10/10 if you can. Depending on what exactly did hurt, you might want to look into warming up that particular area or having someone professional check it out. Maybe try the Rotator Cuff Workout beforehand for a good warmup of the shoulders. I always do it before exercises involving the shoulders and it helped me a lot.
          Depending on how good (or bad) you're with push-ups, you can also look at the Wall Push-Ups Challenge or the Knee Push-Ups Challenge to build some upper body strength. If you can't do 'real' push-ups yet, that is.


            Originally posted by BlueB View Post
            @kandyI can do planking for like 10 seconds until my whole body starts to shake like its minus 50 degress, push ups I can do about 3 until I start shaking.
            On the other hand, I can do 20 crunches in one go e.g.....
            That's interesting, but it's a bit tricky when it comes to abs. The bad news is that your ability to do crunch/ planks doesn't always reflect your level of ab strength, meaning you may or may not have strong abs. You can be using other muscles to do the job. For example, you can get away doing tons of crunches with your hip flexors. Plank is even more complicated becuase it requires full body strength. I feel like strong abs isn't enough for holding the plank for long.

            The rule for the upperbody light challenge day 1 is 40 shoulder taps + 40 bicep extensions per set (so 120 each exercise in total). My arms and shoulders got tired when I finished day 1, but today (day 5) it felt obviously easier.

            I suggest you start daily/ regular stretching if you are not doing so. That version of shoulder tap in the challenge has always been an annoying exercise for me, because I seem to need more strength to do the exercise than what you would expect it to need, and I have a hard time getting my palms entirely facing the ceiling. I started to suspect that it's due to my tight arms, tight forearms, and/or tight something else, so I stretched my biceps and forearms last night. Today, like I said, it felt obviously easier, movements faster, etc. It's hard to say what has contributed to the improvement (flexibility, strength, or simply bodily adaptation), but the result is there.

            If you are happy with Foundation, then go ahead and do it again, or you can try Baseline or Vitality, just in case you get bored. Then add in upperbody challenges/ workouts if you want.


              Originally posted by BlueB View Post
              @AzercordI used to track calories through a diary because I had to be checked on that by a nutritionist (I used to be a bit underweight for a long time). It turned out that I'm overeating by roughly 500-700 calories and I'm loosing weight still. I went to an endocrinologist for about 6 years for check ups on my thyroid, adrenal cortex and any other hormone related stuff that can cause weight loss and it all was consistently negative. So to this day I don't know why I loose weight even when I'm overeating.
              You don't mention, here, being checked for sorts of ailments that don't involve hormones, like celiac disease, which affects the villi of the intestines and therefore reduces the absorption of nutrients—including fats and carbohydrates, I believe. I'm sure there are other possibilities; that's just the one I'm familiar with. The fact that you seem to be losing fat through the stool looks to me like evidence that it's an issue with absorption, rather than metabolism.

              If my body were struggling to maintain itself nutritionally, as it sounds like yours is, I would be nervous about trying to force muscle growth. Diverting energy from what the body has decided is needed to force muscle development might impact your overall health.

              If it were me, I'd keep researching health issues until I got to the bottom of that. Once that happens, you may be in a better position to take care of the rest.


                I'm checking up on my health with this problem since I'm 14, so a total of 13 years now. I went through about the same amount of doctors who didn't have an explanation. Fat absorption had been my own guess due to the stool, but so far all testing towards that had been negative as well. "High metabolism" is the current go-to kinda-explanation I have.

                @Nihopaloa @kandy
                oh shucks you are killing me
                What hurts when I do the excercise is literally the shoulder muscle, like on the shoulder, towards my back, towards my neck. It's not that I really have much there since you can directly poke my upper shoulder blades (scapula) or clavicle. It's basicly just the skin stretched over it. Very weak spot of mine.
                Push-ups are hell as I explained before, but I think wall push-ups should be far easier?

                I know that sit ups/ crunches can be done "wrong", but I've learned to do them "right" while I was at the gym, so I'm confident its my abs.


                  Wall push-ups are basically the very first stage towards proper push-ups. It can't get any easier, so it's a good way to start.


                    I decided to finish foundation first and then try 30 days of gravity + the upper body challenge
                    I will probably do a log about it, to see for myself if it is any good/ too much


                      @Nihopaloa @kandy
                      I have one question about the "30 days of gravity" program:
                      e.g. day one says 60 reps for level 1 with 3 different workouts in part 1
                      does that mean I do each of them 60 times, then move to the other for 60 times or 1 lunge - 1 leg raise - 1 squat in a row and that 60 times?


                        It's the first way you described. You do 60 Lunge Step-Ups, then 60 Leg Raises and then 60 Squats. You can pause as long as needed, it doesn't matter if you do the Lunge Step-Ups in two minutes or in twenty.


                          okay, thank you very much!


                            No problem, don't hesitate to ask if anything's unclear


                              Nihopaloa Can you spread the reps throughout the day? For example do lunge step ups in the morning, side leg raises in the afternoon, and squats in the evening. I am confused, too.


                                Originally posted by kandy View Post
                                Nihopaloa Can you spread the reps throughout the day? For example do lunge step ups in the morning, side leg raises in the afternoon, and squats in the evening. I am confused, too.
                                I don't see any reason why not. In the end, it's always your call when you deem the workout completed successfully. The workout explicitly states 'take as much time as you need' without a given time for breaks between exercises. If that's the time you need to complete the exercises, you're technically still within the rules, so to speak.
                                At least that's my take on the whole thing