Strength Protocol program day 27

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    Strength Protocol program day 27

    Pistol squats are 10 one side and then 10 the other, right?
    Is the same for the cossack squats and the single leg deadlifts? I did those 2 changing leg each repetition.

    I found this day really hard.
    I cannot avoid in the last exercise to bend my back and the lifted leg not even for a second.
    After 4 days my legs are still achy.

    When I did this program I was not able to complete the L-sit.

    I believe that I'm in the same boat as you right now. I'm currently just finished day 19 and wasn't really able to do the exercises up to par. I had to split the wall sit into 3 or 4 parts, and I don't think that I went all the way down with the shrimp squats.

    I'm kind of scared now because I didn't look at day 27 until now, and there's almost no way I'll be able to complete the one leg wall-sit + the 80 pistol squats.

    I also have the same problem with L-sits: I simply cannot do them. I think it must have something to do with body structure as I also find it very difficult to do leg raises and other things that force you to lift you legs off the ground. I do have relatively long legs, which might explain the problem, but I still find it really annoying.


      I was able to finish day 19 up to bar but my legs after felt really heavy for some minutes. And It wasn' t easy.

      Usually program gets harder so I looked the last days when I was near the end, I was scared a lot when I saw day 27.
      The days before I avoided to tire the legs and when I started it I thought if I do only the first exercise 100 pistol squat (20 x 5 sets) I won' t be so unsatisfied.
      When I did the single leg wall-sit I fell 2-4 times for leg trying to get up immediately, beside that I did it acceptable.

      For L-sit you can try L-sit prep, and the pistol squat prep for the pistol squats.


        I recently completed this program, and I agree with you guys the leg days are too hard to complete as you move on in the program, and I did have to take a rest day before my last 2 leg days in the program simply coz my legs were still tired from the previous legs workout, all that being said I also struggled with the L-sit and Wall stand, you will get better at them week after week, the results I got after completing the program are very pleasing for me, I never saw this much muscle tone and definition in my legs before, I was impressed by the whole program! Good luck!



          A great program, but not easy. If the problem has identified exercises that are super difficult, thats fantastic, you have found what to work on.
          wall sits become easier after you break 3mins, its a head game. Keep breathing full, long breaths, keep counting them in 10s and you'll be banging out 10 min wall sits.
          L-sits are all in the core. If you can't get ya bum off the floor that's shoulders and back. Feet glued to the ground? Thats all in the core, test yourselves: can you sit on the floor in the position and sit with a straight back for 1 min? This shows where your pelvis is, hamstring length and strength in core to just be able to sit upright.

          A quick note on pistol and shrimp squat. Pistols are basically single leg squats with a massive helping of mobility and stabilisation. If you cannot rest in the bottom position and keep extended leg off the floor (L sit core strength) its going to be incredibly difficult.

          Its a tough program and I would guess that 90% of gym goers can't do those exercises.

          Keep movin


            Thanks Rathgar

            This program is not max difficulty 5/5, but it is 4/5.
            Maybe day 27 is too much for 4/5.
            Also I have a doubt about changing side as I wrote.