Core strength - Difficulty to accomplish just one set...

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    Core strength - Difficulty to accomplish just one set...

    Day 2 in the Core Strength program, I have difficulties to finish just one set, without being out of breath and/or my arms or abs to hurt. I managed to go lvl3 with each day of the Baseline Program.

    Should I choose another program less challenging or should I pursue this program, and just accept, at the beginning ot it, this situation can happen?

    Also looking for advice on how to control my breath during exercices. I must also point out that I am mostly out of breath because I count out loud; I try to count in my head, but I manage to lost count because of the focus on my breathing at the same time.

    Also should I focus on keeping the core engaged during those exercises?

    Breathing Techniques to Improve Your Workout
    If you want to continue the program is your choice, if you like, however steep it is, then do it, perhaps taking longer breaks


      Depending on your history of physical activity and considering that Baseline is a Level 1 programme, Core Strength might be just outside of what you're capable right now (might be. Maybe it's just that particular day or you were in bad form when you attempted it). You could retry that day sometime else, skip that one and try the next, or like Fremen suggested, do it at your own pace with longer breaks.

      Your core (from my own experience) should be engaged when doing the exercises, because it stabilises your body. Maybe you have to actively engage it, if you're not used to it and you feel your back sagging.

      If you want to tackle an easier programme for now that has exercises for core strength in it, I suggest Back and Core. It's Level 2 and might be a good next step after Baseline (also, consider that Baseline didn't have any floor-based exercises or planks, so it could be possible that you don't have the necessary strength, yet).


        I am also doing Core Strength and I would say that it's deceptively easy. Alt arm leg raises, which is on day 2, is not an easy exercise. I think it's normal that you get out of breath when you do not engage/ tighten the core enough and you raise your limbs so quickly so that you can finish one rep before you collapse the next second. Or you simply don't have enough strength.

        I think the key point throughout the entire program is to tighten your abs while using the same/other ab muscles to help do the work. That's how you can truly benefit from the program.

        On day 2 specifically I suggest that you can even take short breaks between the raises and the planks. For the raise, you can raise your leg first than the arms, or vice versa, instead of raising both at the same time.

        You can go on with it, but if it keeps feeling too hard, feel free to drop the program and pick an easier one. Back and Core, as Nihopaloa suggests, is a great program, especially for those who have lower back pain, but really anyone can do it and see results.

        P.S. You can do some of the ab challenges to help you build some strength.


          MagnusGamer You can also try modifying exercises. For day 2, you could do both exercises on your knees, which might make them more accessible for now. You could also just lift the arms and legs separately (first arm, put it down, then leg etc.) A lot of these exercises also require a great amount of balance, not just strength and that takes a bit of time for our brain to learn. If you find all days to be very challenging, you could also decrease the number of reps or sets along with modifications. Of course you could also just pick other ab workouts/challenges if you find doing this programme demotivates you or feels overwhelming.

          In terms of muscle engagement, just make sure you're not sagging/leaning on your lower back but excessive voluntary tightening of the core can make breathing harder, because your diaphragm needs some space to move efficiently (that's why our bellies move up and down when we breathe). For breathing, maybe you could try controlling and timing your breath so it coincides with effort. So when you contract (in case of day 2 when you lift the limbs) you breathe out and inhale when you are most stable (when all limbs are on the floor). For Russian twists, you would exhale when you turn and inhale when you're coming back to the centre. Maybe go a bit slower and try to find a good rhythm for yourself.

          Also for counting out loud - maybe you do this already but you could count every other number (odd or even) so you don't have to speak as much.


            I was gonna say what Ann-Core said. Modify if you need to pn lvl1.
            Those alternate leg/arm planks are challenging. Do them from a knee or separate the arms and legs in a full plank.
            Look after your shoulders.