Am I an alien?

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    Am I an alien?

    Card 9 of Avatar Upgrade program is what I did today.

    ​​​​​After I was done with the fourth set, I started feeling nauseated (the kind that one feels when their body has overheated). Now, I take good care that I am not dehydrated before I exercise. I drink tons of water all throughout the day (at least 4.5 litres daily, apart from the water that I drink in between sets while working out).

    Surprisingly, this feeling of nausea comes before my muscles start to feel like they can't go on any longer!

    Is there any way to avoid that feeling so that I can continue to do the exercises till my muscles tell me that they can't go on anymore?

    ​​​​​​It'd also be of great help if someone could help me understand why I get that feeling, because the far I understand, it's not because of dehydration.. Though I do perspire a lot. A LOT!

    Addition: I exercise indoors, with just a fan on and I happen to live in a very humid place.

    I almost fainted once when I used to swim probably by the low sugar content during the exercise... I'm trying to remember how the doctor said...something like momentary hypoglycemia...
    After that, always that I listen to someone talking about not feeling well during the exercise, I say to pay attention to the meal and snacks...

    Be careful!
    Try to go easy on the next workout!


      My experience with nausea is typically when I'm running and it's either from hunger (eating poorly the day before) or having too much water before the run. I try to keep water consumed to ~400 mL in the final hour before the run to limit how much is in my stomach during exertion.

      When I eat before a run I also try to wait about 1.5 - 2 hours before I start to avoid nausea.

      Just plain heat can do it too though.

      Final thought: maybe also consider electrolytes. If you're sweating a lot you'll want to replenish electrolytes along with water intake.