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    definition to failure


    I read your definition of "Reps to failure" in the instruction manual but I'm still not sure if we talk about absolute failure or about form failure.

    I would say stopping at form failure would be smarter than stopping at absolute failure. Form is important, and doing an exercise improperly can potentially lead to injuries, some pretty serious. Stay safe and good luck with your future work outs!


      Good form failure


        It is true that "to failure" can mean different things.

        My personal take on this is - if you feel that, as your form starts suffering, you're more likely to get injured, definitely stop there.

        But if we're talking about minor breakdowns (slightly reduced range of motion, for example), it may be worth carrying on a little. You should still be aware that your last reps aren't 100% "clean", so you don't cheat yourself about what you can actually do. But your muscles will definitely feel the extra load, and that may help you break through a plateau and actually get stronger.

        Having said that, being able to tell whether your form may be harmful takes some experience. If you are relatively new to working out, AureoleTaxe4, I'd suggest you stay on the safe side for now.

        I hope this helps.


          Failure is a tough thing to debate. Some people are sticklers for good form, others get the rep done.

          My recommendation, go until your form breaks down, get a few more reps in so your form is inefficient, but don't hurt yourself. If you stop as soon as you break good form, you're not really performing "failure." If your form is so poor you end up hurt ... well, that's bad too.

          Break form, struggle through a bit more, call it a day.