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    "Everyday" exercises

    Hello guys! I'm on 13th day of 90 Days of Action program, but I would like to know: is there any exercises routine that I can do everyday in addition to the program?
    Thanks in advance, Sorry about my English. I'm currently learning English for my job LOL

    Hello Dr.Fabulosow !! Welcome to the HIVE!!!

    First of all, congratulations on your 13th day, every day counts!!!

    Well, every day there is the "Workout of the Day" in Darebee home page. There, you also can find the "Daily Dare", like a task to do on that day...1-2 minutes workout...

    also, there are the challenges, which could work as more specific add-ons (I'm doing one for push-ups).... or even another program, such as <Totals>...

    Maybe someone else could indicate other options...

    P.S. About English, don't worry about it... there are many non-English speakers in the Hive!

    Enjoy the Hive


      I do yoga warm up, breaks, cool down. Right now I’m “running” —working up to 5k someday, so my yoga warm up /cool down focuses on legs and hips. I find having the same warm up gets me moving with little thought on days when I’m not feeling like working out. . That’s most days in this Texas summer. The 2 min breaks might be a balance or plank challenge or a restorative yoga pose. Maybe find a challenge you want to work on that is not duplicated in the existing workout. Hope that helps.


        Maybe give this routine right here a shot!