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    Daily Dare Emails

    Is there a way to get alerts or emails for each new daily dare? I like to mix them into my usual workout.

    Hi cjbk , welcome to the HIVE

    well, you could save the Darebee website as a favourite, so it is easy to find it.
    Or you could create your training Log in the Hive, so, you could post every day how was your training and see the daily dare

    In some mobile phones, you could use the option "Add to the main screen" to create a shortcut to the daily dare website, it becomes like an app to the website.

    Also, recently I've known that Daily Dare is posted as a story on their Instagram account (https://www.instagram.com/darebeecom/)...

    One more idea, it is possible to add the link of Darebee in the calendar (google or another), in this way, you receive the remainder and the link, daily.

    So, These are official solutions, but I hope it could help you.


      cjbk ... hello and welcome to The Hive, the social side of DareBee.

      A new Daily Dare goes up every day - at about midnight, here - and can be found on the Home Page ... the DareBee . Com page.

      You found us once, should be no problem to repeat the process.
      Maybe what danilojromero suggested is what you are truly looking for ... a nudge to get you started. Program your Calendar to open the page for you - any time you want. ​​​​​​​