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    Camping Trip

    Hi! Been a while but I’m back! I’m almost halfway done with Foundation and started From Walking to Running about a week ago. I'm feeling great and getting better as I keep pushing forward to my 30 Days of Fitness

    My question is that we're going on a camping trip this weekend and no running water. I'm thinking of "pausing" the workouts and doing some walking and yoga to minimize the need for a shower. Would that be "okay" or do you all have any other ideas? I want to keep moving forward and not lose what momentum I've earned.


    I guess swimming is not an option? I went camping recently and didn't have any showers either, but just swam after running. I guess it would depend how long you are going for.

    Other than that I kind of count camping as physical activity in itself, setting up camp, cooking and all that is a bit more of an activity than it is at home.

    At the end of the day, you are the person that you are going to be accountable to, no one else. If you can stay active and not shoot your caloric intake (I personally tend to eat pretty badly while camping) then you should be ok.


      Thanks CaptainCanuck! There is a lake but it's a bit far off and we'll be riding on the trails and whatnot. I just don't want to run in the weather and then be a stinky mess We're just going out for weekend.


        I use Epic wipes when camping. They are a bath towel sized wet wipes made to replace a shower. They are also biodegradable. If you really don't want to give up running and can't take a shower or swim these may work for you.


          A few years back, I did a week-plus long camping trip with a college group and the two insanely fit people ran half marathons every morning. National park, so no showers, and no nearby rivers or lakes (or time) to take a dip in. You're camping, so being stinky and gross kinda comes with the territory.

          Another option is that camping stores, or Amazon, sell camp "showers" fairly cheaply. They're essentially a bag filled with water that's attached to a shower head. Hang up a tarp to act as a shower curtain, use some biodegradable soap (maybe no soap, depending on where you're camping), and you're set.

          If not running or doing programs is the way you want to go (which is fine, you'll probably be getting plenty of exercise anyway), yoga or a light warmup and basic stretching would be the way to go. It'll loosen you up nicely if you're sleeping in a tent.

          Good luck and have fun!


            I was doing good until Sunday and came down with a bug. Lost my 30 days badge, but not my motivation!

            HumanMonster, I found some wipes similar to the ones you mentioned and they did the trick!

            LongSlowBurn, I might have to look for some of those because the kids and I can get pretty stinky. We're near a small town so we often have to go in for supplies or toys and I'd rather not get the stink eye (pun intended )

            Thank you, all


              Get everyone to workout too. It's only a problem if you're alone.

              My family likes big walks. By day 2 of a multiday walk you can't smell a's only on the way home you realise you smell like you've been dead a week. Always pack clean clothes for the drive home