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    Help with workout

    I'm looking to gain weight. I'm 19 yo, 180cm, 55kg. I've always been skinny, but athletics. I know that I need to eat more, but I have been having anxiety attacks for almost 4 years and when I have them it's impossible to eat, because I always want to throw up (but I'm working on it )

    I did 4/5 workouts per week for a few month and only had minimal results. I mostly did bodyweight exercises even though I have dumbbells, that I used a few times.

    Do I need to do Full body workouts or focus on one muscle group ?
    More like 2-3/week or 4-5/week ?
    What kind of exercises ?

    If anyone can help me I would appreciate it.

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      I'm not an expert but I have overcome difficulty gaining weight before. The key for me was counting calories and adding weight training. Once I got setup on myfitnesspal (one of several calorie counting options) I was able to keep a food log pretty easily (the website lets you easily re-add foods you've already eaten). After a while you'll be able to estimate your caloric intake but I recommend using a tool for at least a couple weeks.

      I started exercising about a year ago starting around 130lbs (58kg; severely underweight and very weak). Did body weight workouts and taught myself to run for the first few months then got inspired by a book on body building a friend lent me. Started at the gym last September with an intent to gain weight and did 4 days with weights a week and 3 days of running. I had to eat around 3000 calories a day for many months and eventually ended up at 170 lbs (77kg) at my peak. The 170 lb (77kg) peak actually occurred shortly after I stopped regularly hitting the gym (but was still eating close to 3000 calories out of habit). I've since trimmed some of the fat back this year with running and am hovering at a much healthier looking 160 lbs (73kg) now. I still don't look like a body builder but I also don't look like I'm wasting away and I feel much better.

      I am almost twice as old so my experience may not reflect yours but don't underestimate the calorie counting. I am a very anxious person and otherwise would have never been able to eat enough.

      My trick for hitting calorie counts was a very high calorie smoothie ever morning then it wasn't as much of a burden to get the rest of the calories in. I think smoothies are a good tool when you have poor appetite because you can just slam 'em and be done.

      So I'd look to do 4 strength training days a week (rest and/or do cardio in between) and focus on one body part per strength day. This post from back in the day shows and early version of my 4 strength days targeting different body parts:

      Chest / back
      Triceps / biceps
      LEG DAY
      Shoulders / calves

      I'd scout around some body building forums also but the HIVE community is my bedrock.

      One more note: I was hyper focused on my weight at first but eventually learned to focus on how much I was lifting instead which shows the incremental progress more clearly.


        I'm having trouble gaining weight too - like oneironaut , I have a high-calorie smoothie in the morning (with high protein) soon after my workouts. The theory is that it does double duty, high caloric intake and protein to build muscle mass. My doctor just wanted me to have something that would expand my stomach so I'd feel hunger, but the smoothie is doing more for me than just that.