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    Mass Effect Plan - Breakfast options

    Hi All!
    I am about to start the Mass Effect Plan and was wondering if anyone had any good tips around breakfast. I have always had real hard time around breakfast and I don't see myself down 2 cups of broccoli first thing in the morning :/. But I was wondering if, as an example, juicing carrots or similar was ok too? Or is it crucial its solids?

    If anyone have any good recipes of simple, sweet, breakfast dishes within this meal plan please do share too .

    I don't know if this really fits with the mealplan, but I usually eat for breakfast whole wheat bread with peanut butter.

    That would be the "nut or seed butter 1/4 cup" from list A, "bread 2 slices" from list B, and if you see at the instructions, list C is optional on A+B+C meals (I would highly recomend to add it, but that's up to you).

    So bread and peanut butter would technically count. And is simple and sweet, as you ask, haha.

    If you also want to add C, my personal recommendation would be cutting a whole tomato in 3 or 4 big slices, put them on a pan, heat them up, and place them on top of the peanut butter bread after they have reduced a bit.

    And if you are enough of a tryhard, you can even forget the bread, spread the peanut butter on the actual tomato slices, and add one of those 1 minute microwave cup of pre-cooked rice. It actually sounds that good to me, that I may start doing it myself (you would have to like raw tomato tho, haha).

    Another option: If you don't want that many solids, take the nuts options from A and B, and prepare a carrot based juice, since is the most sweet vegetable. You can add different vegetables each time until you find the best flavor available. Also, the mealplan offers a guide, but I would actually do half vegetables, half fruit. Maybe a small banana or a water based fruit like strawberries or watermelon, which are the best for juices in my opinion. Fruits and vegetables should be taken as solid, but a small juice for breakfast won't probably be a deal anyway.


      I don't follow any of the meal plans, but I would be wary of "juicing" anything, as I've always been under the impression that that process removes a lot of the nutrients you want that come from the skin of the fruit/vegetable you're juicing. Otherwise, do your thing, lol