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    Improve Planking

    Hi everyone,

    I just went through the 13th day of Hero's Journey and one othe tasks was to perform a 2 minute plank 3 times through the day. The thing is I can barely reach 1 minute while shaking so I just completed the 2 minutes with short breakes each time. The thing is, si there i way I cna improve faster? is it healthy to do an everyday planking program so I can catch up with the resto of the program?

    Thanks in advice for your help.

    You should do a couple of diffrent exercises for stronger core/abs and shoulders. Thats what you need for planks.

    If you want to do longer planks, just do them regularly. I started like you and i was able to do the 5min plank challenge after 30 days i guess. In the beginning it is horrible but you will improve very fast. 30 secs > 45 secs > 1 min etc.

    For the start


      You could also try a pyramid approach

      For instance 15 sec / 30 sec / 45 sec / 30 sec / 15 sec

      Or just do either half of a pyramid


        Thanks a lot!