When did the workouts change?

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    When did the workouts change?

    I've made a habit of saving all the workouts & programs on my local computer in case I'm ever someplace without Internet, and I've come across a question for the Hive: when did the workouts start changing?

    I noticed that the HIIT workouts have all changed their level schemes. Instead of 5/10/15 sets per progression, it's 3/5/7 like all the others.

    And the Tiger, Tiger workout was drastically reduced in difficulty from what it was originally.

    I'm not complaining too much because it looked like a beast to begin with, but I'm just curious as to why that one - and probably others - have been downgraded or edited?

    First I'd heard of such was when the Baseline Program got shifted down and it was pointed out.
    We were promised a 'revision' of the sort v1.0 vs v2.0 or vs 1+,
    I just went ahead and restarted with the new version.
    So ... others have been similarly 'downgraded'?
    neilarey ... an explanation, please? Protecting us from ourselves? Merely 'balancing' it all? Thanks.


      brandonjohnson , you are right. Tiger, tiger has been reduced quite a bit from the original. 20 push ups vs 5 knee push ups as an example.

      Several of the programs have been reduced in intensity as well.

      I'd just like to say, though, that the originals aren't too hard to find and the more difficult programs are still available for use. So as long as that's true, I am good.

      Long live the original Tiger! It was grrr-eat!
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