Doubts on starting Strength protocol

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    Doubts on starting Strength protocol

    Hello bees, how is it going? I need your help on this little problem im facing.

    I've finished the 30 days of strength program a
    almost two weeks ago. I've done it almost at level 3 (and i say almost because last days became pretty heavy), half way i started the pull up challenge in order to increase my number of reps, and i felt pretty confident on starting the strength protocol program.

    However, now that i come to think about it, i dont think i will be able to complete it, just the first day, i have to do a more complex excercise (tricep extension) wich i have tested and i can barely stand to do 3 or 4 reps, and not with good technique.

    Should i do it regardless that difficulty? If not, what can i do in order to get ready for this program? I was thinking o redoing 30 days of strength but with another challenge in order to develop more strength (spartan or super saiyan).

    I'll wait for your suggestions!

    I started Ironborn and Strength Protocol at the same time last month. And as you can see, only 1 of those badges is below my avatar, haha.

    It's a hard program, that starts relatively easy, but scales a lot. I didn't claim the badge just because I had to skip the last 5 days and change them for easier versions of its exercises. Specially on push-ups.

    I would suggest that you tried a little bit of each day, but doing a different program as principal so you don't "lose time". Shoulder-Chest days are the hardest for sure, maybe you can try to check if you can do the exercises of a shoulder day above the 20th, and that will (sort of) tell you if you are prepared for it.


      There are a lot of quite hard excercises waiting for you: L-sits, circle-pushups, sliding-pushups, diamonds. Some to failure. So, no, leave it. If you have troubles with trizeps extentions, take it easy and do something else. You run into the danger of either hurting yourself or slipping into bad form, just to finish the prog. Go for 30 Days of Gravity, Spartian Trials or if you feel adventerous go to Pandora. Try the other (imo easier) difficulty 4 progs like Avatar Upgrade or Carbon and Dust, after you finished the difficulty 3 strength related progs on level 3.
      Boxer Prime, Military Fit(+) and to a certain degree Strength Protocol are league of their own.
      Easy does it. It's a journey not a race.
      Good luck,


        Hey, thanks for your replies people!

        Then its decided, i dont want to risk a injury just because a difficulty upgrade. I'll take your advice and start with a lower one (30 days of gravity), while i'm at it, i'll try to push pass the 20 reps from time to time, good thing gravity already has to failure excercises, so i'll see how it progress.

        Have a nice day and again, thanks!!