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    Advice for program or direction


    I'm male , 5'9". Weight 11 stone 10 (155lbs. 70kg)
    i look very skinny , narrow shoulders etc.


    I'm injury prone and have various long term injuries including , bad wrists (raises concerns over lifting weights), bad ankle (makes running difficult) and really tight leg and hip muscles.!

    Walking wreck lol.

    I'm not overweight but heading in the wrong direction lately.... I'm not looking to loose weight necessarily.

    I've looked at foundation but think i could do that with relative ease. (Unless I'm being arrogant ?)

    I used to want to be bigger and have muscles .
    (Tended to swing weights around without any progress ...hence the list of injuries I think !)

    Now I'm thinking to just develop a strong core and get cardio fit ( I'm also arm weak so would like more strength)

    So basically I need a total overhaul lol !

    Any advice greatly appreciated.

    Hi Benhart and Welcome to the Hive
    A good place to start is the manual.
    Then the fitness test gives you an overall idea how you fit in the programs/workouts.
    And finally here is How to pick a program.

    There are 1400+ workouts in the database, but there is a filter to help you find the ones that suit your fitness level and what part of the body you want to train.
    Have a look into the nutrition section esp. the article on protein.
    Take it easy, start slow and find a sustainable routine that fits your lifestyle/schedule.
    If you are happy, do not forget to show some love to the makers of this fine resource.
    Good luck


      Benhart Welcome to the Hive! If you've got really tight hips, that might be something to focus on. Moving easier can help avoid injuries, and may even help your ankles and with your running. There are lots of stretching workouts, and Andi64 has already pointed out how to find things. Have a go at Foundation. If you find it too easy, use it as a warm-up and add something more, or feel free to drop it and do something else. Here's one to start with for your ankles - Ankle Recovery. Look around, try things, have fun. And if you need more advice, just ask. Someone's always ready to help here.


        Welcome Benhart.
        injury prone highlights you push too hard for your body. Do foundation or one of the mobility type programs. They are fantastic. No point push hard if you just get injured, consistency is king.
        get experimenting, what can you do? Go from there.
        Explore hip/squat mobility and APT.
        enjoy the journey.....we got you now.


          Welcome. The Foundation program is a good choice because it introduces you to the main Darebee exercises and routines as well as getting you used to daily bodyweight training. If you haven't exercised much, it's a good one to start with as it will help you get used to feeling your body, what you can and can't do, what needs work, and what needs attention. Just start slow. The first 30 days goes by fast and you'll have a good foundation to build from. Then come back and tell us how it went and what you're thinking about next. Good luck!


            Thanks for the replies .
            Ive started foundation.
            I've already made some mistakes due to my over eagerness.
            I'm going to start a checking in feed to explain . Not just for others to comment on but so I can read back