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    Wrist, forearm and fingers

    Hi everyone,

    I'll be done with the programs I'm currently doing in 4 days, and before starting the next ones, I want to do a "rest" week with Flexibility Week, but I feel like it's going to be TOO low. I'm positive that I need a rest, but just doing stretches for a whole week seems almost impossible, as I will probably even want to do more, so I thought that I could do one thing that I never cared before, but I'm facing issues on at the moment: the lower half of the arm.

    I'm a wide body-type person, but somehow my wrists are very, very thin, and I probably lack strength in both forearms and fingers. I even feel like I could take heavier dumbbells, but my wrists are always the first thing on the suffering line. I want to improve my grip and my punching strength, but I can't find full routines on hand-wrist-forearm. I have found the "Power Grip" challenge, but I don't think that is aiming widely enough, and all the time I want, as it's a kind of a-minute-a-day challenge.

    Any suggestions on this?

    Have a nice day.

    I'm sure you've found the "Power grip challenge", but there are a couple of unofficial challenges that maybe you find interesting: Forearm Challenge and Forearm+ Challenge

    This's a routine that I usually do. Maybe you can build some useful for you, doing it complete, split it, or change time and repetitions.

    » Hand, Wrist, and Forearm Strength: ◘ 1st part - all three exercises, 30sec per arm (x2 sets). Flex/Extend Fingers, Wrist Extension, and Wrist Flexion. ◘ 2nd part - 6kg dumbbells, 12 reps. per arm each exercise. Wrist Curls, Reverse Wrist Curl, Seated Supination and Pronation and Radial and Ulnar Deviation ◘ 3rd part: towel dead hang 20sec x3 (Alternative: door towel row ins)


      On top of what's being suggested, I recommend wrist rolling. You just need to make yourself make the device. For grip strength I am also doing the Power grip challenge but with an oval shaped metal spring gripper.

      Dead hang is great if you have access to a bar.


        Additional exercise. From sec 00:43. I really like this one.