How to regain strength after femoral nerve damage?

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    How to regain strength after femoral nerve damage?

    I am looking for an exercise program that I can follow to improve the strength of my right quadriceps.

    The problem began in Nov 2019 when I suffered a herniated disc and compression of the femoral nerve in the L3 area. I had the fusion surgery to fix the spine but the nerve has not improved at all (June 2020).

    At first I could not lift the zero weight on the knee extension machine. Now I can do 30 lbs 5 times. Left leg does 110 lbs 5 times. I have not trained either leg on the the gym machines, just use the knee extension as a progress test.

    What program could I follow to efficiently continue to improve the right leg? Oh, age = 74 + I have been a very active mountain biker.

    Thanks everyone,

    HI TerryG First of all, sorry to hear about that operation. Should you not have a physiotherapist after such a surgery, who does the necessary rehabilitation with you? He/she should target what you are asking here.
    As much as I am a friend of calisthenics, since you want to train an isolated muscle (right quadriceps), the knee extention machine (which does exactly that) might be the solution. It's also easy to adjust to your gains. It also has a backrest, that helps you keep your spine straight, which is probably a good idea after fusion surgery.

    If you go to the Workout section, you can use the filters to find 'lower-body' ,'strenght/tone' and 'light' or 'lower-body', 'strength/tone' and 'easy' workouts.
    Not a doctor.
    Good luck and all the best.


      I highly recommend speaking with your Primary Care Provider or following any plan Physical Therapy gave you before discharging you or releasing you after your surgery. They are doctors. We are not.