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    Question on Side Exercises

    For some workouts, it will say explicitly to repeat an exercise on each side of your body (Leg raises, side planks, or similar).
    But on some workouts, the layout will say something like 3 sets that have a 20-count plank hold or 16 side leg raises, without mentioning to repeat for the other side.

    Are you supposed to repeat for the other side? Split the 20-count into two 10-counts on each side? I realize that it's kind of up to me, and doing more wouldn't be a bad thing, but I was curious if I'm doing these workouts as designed or not.

    An example of what I'm talking about is on Day 2 of Cardio Trim Part 2.

    Welcome to the Hive mdl0100

    Let's have a look at the manual:
    "Reps" stands for repetitions, how many times an exercise is performed. Reps are usually located next to each exercise’s name. Number of reps is always a total number for both legs / arms / sides. It’s easier to count this way: e.g. if it says 20 climbers, it means that both legs are already counted in - it is 10 reps each leg.
    So with time it works accordingy: 10 sec left, 10 sec. right.

    BTW: If you need help with a specific excercise, it's nice to provide a link, then people trying to help you, do not have to hunt it down .


      Thanks for the reply, sincerely!

      I had read the manuel. I don't know why, but in my mind it was going to work differently for things like planks vs mountain climbers or high knees. But yah, I guess it's kind of obvious now that you mention it. Thanks!

      And good call on providing a link, sorry about that. I'll do better in the future, and edit the first post.