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    Okay so I just turned 12, and I am trying to eat healthier and I'm on the 23rd day of cardio trim run program. it has been going on for a week or so, but I am losing like a pound a day. I started at 120 pounds, and now I'm like 112 pounds while gaining muscle. Yesterday I was 113.8 and now im 112.4. I checked the scale with weights and its spot on. i am also eating a good breakfast lunch and dinner. I know I shouldn't be losing this much weight, especially because I am growing. Does anyone have an idea of what's happening?

    If you are sure, and I mean SURE that you are eating healthy, on good amounts and not overdoing the exercise aspect, it doesn´t have to be a bad scenario. When you start working out, the first thing you lose is fluids, and it can be a pretty good change the first days. Also, I'm not fluent on pounds, neither on the recommended weight of kids, but the more you have to lose, the faster you lose it at the beginning. My biggest loss when I started losing weight was 2kg on a single day (4,4 pounds), but each body is different, and I'm not a growing kid.

    But, in any case, PLEASE, if you are concerned about your health, go to the doctor as soon as you can. Like you say, 12yo is a growing moment of your life, and you will be there until you are almost 17-20. Anything strange should be checked by the right professionals, instead of asking on a forum.

    If you feel strong, maybe it's not a bad sign, but go with your parents to see a nutritionist if you are able to.

    You shouldn't panic either. If you are overweight (which I don't know), and a month ago started doing exercise and eating better, it's a good sign then, as long as you are well supervised. As a general tip, don't do specific diets. Eat when you think you have to (usually, no more than 4 hours between meals), don't starve, and get all kind of foods.


      I think that JMed is right - get to see a doctor and besides your primary care physician, an endocrinologist. Immediately. When I first lost a lot of weight, it turned out I had a thyroid problem, which is easy to treat. Recently, I went through another sudden weight loss, and in the process of doing a lot of diagnostic testing for cancer, the set of specialists found a tumor within my spinal cord which was removed around 3 months ago. I'm not saying you have either of these - this is my story, but sudden weight loss can be a symptom of many different things.

      Do you weigh yourself at the same time each day? I think that is the only way to get consistent measurements. I weigh myself first thing every morning after my morning workout but before I've eaten anything. Also, going from 113.8 to 112.4 can be water weight loss if you are working out in between. I can fluctuate 2-3 pounds due to water.


        Dadalo Well, I find it pretty extreme to say that to a worried 12yo girl, but yes, these things should be checked by a doctor. The chances are at 99.9% that is just water loss, but a health check won't do any damage for sure.


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          To answer JMed I used to be overweight, but I didn't look it because apparently I have heavy bones. I still felt it though because I don't have a flat belly like a lot of my friends. That is why I went ont the cardio trim run program. I also tried the power fast diet, and within a day I decided never again. the portion sizes was way to big for me, and I wasn't eating often enough. Now I do a modified to me version of it. I eat 2 eggs, 2 bacon, cheese and a glass of milk for breakfast, and if I'm not hungry I don't make myself eat. I do however make myself eat lunch because if I don't I start crashing around 5, when I work out. I make myself eat at least vegetables, and maybe protein if I have a runner prime (big run). Then I eat dinner with my family. I don't eat any carbs during the day. I know that sounds bad, but my family DOES NOT plan meals. I would ideally be eating my carbs for lunch, but then we will have tacos for dinner and I won't be able to resist. Then I allow myself a fruit serving. I try to make sure it's in the night, and I don't make myself eat fruit. It's kind of for if I want dessert, or don't want to eat anything. I am also allowing myself a dessert a week, to give me something to look forward to, kind of motivation. The thing is now I eat a lot less, and feel stuffed. Yesterday, I had a slice of cheese and a tomatoe, and felt so full i had to lie down. Also, in response to Dadalo my mum has a thyroid problem and she has medication for it and so I've already been tested for a thyroid problem. I looked up a bunch of things online about medical conditions that can cause weight loss, but I have no symptoms. It's also weird, because I'm losing weight and yet feel super healthy and strong. At the beginning of the program, I weighed myself each day but my parents told me not to obses about it, so then I weighed myself each week. Then, I started weighing myself each day, and that's when I realized
          I was losing a 0.5-1 pound a day. I weigh myself before I wake up and have eaten or drank anything. If I have dropped like a lot, then I drink a bunch of water and see if it's that, generally it isn't.


            Glad to read that Field Hockey Girl , honestly

            About the carbs thing, you shouldn't worry a lot about it. It's the main source of energy for the body, so they are necessary, but if you feel strong through the day, there is no much to worry about. Also, the fruit should be mandatory, to be honest. If you feel full easily, maybe your best option is watermelon or strawberries.

            As a side note, I also have thyroid problems since I was 7, but the solution is pretty simple. These things can be hereditary, so check it again in the future.

            About the daily weighting, I have been doing it for the whole last year. and I can tell you that yes, big daily changes can happen, but becase our body is a functioning machine, you should look in bigger ranges, like weeks. Checking every morning doesn't have to mean that you are obsessed, as long as you don't ACT obsessed, like not eating enough because you didn't like the results, or something like that.

            My tip, if you want to try, to weight myself is: I drink water before going to bed in the night, and when I wake up, I go to the bathroom, drink 2 glasses of water, and then I check. If you lose too much water during the night, the result is not going to be realistic. Your best option would be to check every Sunday.
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              Well, you are right JMed , it was extreme, but it was from my concern based on my experience. Field Hockey Girl , I am glad to read you feel healthy and strong. JMed was right to begin with, it's still a good idea to see a doctor.