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    Downloading stay sane workout

    Hello everyone! I hope every one is doing great and staying safe. I seems I only comment on Darebee to complain about something and today my post be no exception.

    I am unable to download the “stay sane “ workout pdf. I wondering if it’s a coding issue or done on purpose?

    in regards to my “complainy” posts, will work on that. Perhaps one day soon, in a post, I will talk about how my fitness level has increased almost 10 fold during this Covid crisis thanks to Darebee. Or how I have been able to to work through neck pain and various injuries by using the many weiiness Darebee workouts, but that will be another day .

    I took a look, and my guess is that is a database issue because of this:

    Click image for larger version  Name:	Screenshot_1.png Views:	0 Size:	16.8 KB ID:	696655

    When you place the mouse on top of the link, the URL is pointing to, what I guess that is, a default one that has to be replaced with the name of the workout.

    But if you type stay-sane instead of darebee, it will show up.

    You can download it here,

    TL;DR - The PDF does exist, but the button has a wrong value.

    Maybe Damer or neilarey can change that if they have some spare time


      @JMed thank you so much. I now have it! Happy Friday!


        Yes, thank you JMed for the link!