Nitpicky note on Burpees

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    Nitpicky note on Burpees

    This isn't a complaint, just a sort of FYI observation:

    in your exercise video library you show 4 variations of burpees.

    "Burpees" shows with a push-up and a jump but "Burpees with Push-Up" shows with a push-up and no jump. That seems odd to me but I'm newbie so might just be me.

    "Basic Burpees" shows no push-up or jump. Makes sense.

    But the Cardio/Trim has "Basic Burpees" and the graphic seems to imply a jump. 30 Days of HIIT (Day 2) shows "Basic Burpees" very definitely with a jump.

    Not really a big deal, but seems to be a little inconsistency on exactly what movements each exercise contains and what they are called so I thought it might be worth mentioning.

    Regardless of the variation or nomenclature, boy are they brutal to get through!!! ;-D

    Love this site and all that it does. Wish I'd found it years ago. Loving using it and looking forward to continuing. Thanks.

    When in doubt, do what the image does


      When in doubt, do it the hardest way possible. There are variations for every exercise, from walking to push-ups, and burpees are a complex, multi-stage exercise that can be altered to fit the needs of the person. You can do just about anything with them and the goal here isn't to be perfect with the diagram or picture, but to challenge yourself.