I want to build some muscle and get ripped

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    I want to build some muscle and get ripped

    Hi, I’m new to this whole thing, I used to gym in high school, in the 12th grade but then I stopped.

    so now I’m thinking of a change in lifestyle I guess and I would like to start with my body. I’m not looking at any specific time to get ripped but I would like to see improvement in about 2-3 weeks.

    Is this possible and what are the best darebee workouts to achieve this ?

    My weight is 65Kg’s

    Hi Myles and Welcome to the Hive
    A good place to start is the manual.
    Then the fitness test gives you an overall idea how you fit in the programs/workouts.
    And finally here is How to pick a program.

    There are 1400+ workouts in the database, but there is a filter to help you find the ones that suit your fitness level and what part of the body you want to train.

    'Getting ripped' is also a matter of bodyfat percentage, that you reduce with eating less calories than you need (caloric deficit)
    If you are happy, do not forget to show some love to the makers of this fine resource.


      At 65kg I would be ripped, but my height is about 190? How about yours?

      ​​​And if I would have stopped doing sports at 12th grade I would be rather unfit, but it's 21years ago. How long is it since you were in 12th grade?

      Well, I guess you get the point: If you provide some information, we might be able to help more detailed...
      A good start would be to research Darebees databasee:


      To build and shred at the same time isn't easy, so maybe you build first and shred afterwards...

      2-3 weeks to see progress? You might see a difference in muscle tone or you lose some water, at least if you do it the healthy way...

      Build yourself a habit first, do it slow to avoid burning out. If you are consitent with working out and you have your nutrition in place, you can ramp up. It takes time... be patient...

      ​​​​​​​It helps to log your daily work and maybe to share it with the Hive...


        2 to 3 weeks is a short time. 2 to 3 months maybe more reasonable.

        I think you can look at the programs on Darebee and start with an easy one first, like Baseline or Foundation. On the way if you don't feel enough you can add addon programs like Xpress tone, which is a dumbbell program. After you finish you can pick something else. Hope that helps.