How to save completed days of challenges?

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    How to save completed days of challenges? i am doing this challenge. I clicked "completed" for 26 days.

    Now, at another computer, i opened this page after logged to but that challenge seems empty.

    Only other computer shows 26 days completed. Probably it keeps cookies.

    So, is there any way to achive syncing to other browsers via keeping at profile info?

    Here, there is part to write for completed challenges but, what about on going challenges?

    The challenges (and also the tick-off boxes in the programs) only work via cookies, meaning, not over multiple devices (you'd need to transfer cookies to carry your progress over). The field in your profile section is basically just there so you can manually add which challenges you've already finished.
    In other words, for now, there (sadly) aren't ways to sync your progresses over multiple devices or browsers.


      I use browser bookmarks. I add to finished ones to another bookmark folder.


        I am trying to figure out where I can find the challenges I'm currently participating in. None of my checks are maintained and I have to start over.


          Charity your progress is stored in a cookie in your browser as Nihopaloa stated above. If you delete the cookies, or have your browser settings delete the cookies when closing the browser (you can add an exception to this rule for the darebee site), your progress is gone.


            I use chrome bookmarks. I save everyday like "5. day completed". Do not trust cookies. They can be crushed or can be deleted.