Alternative to Burpees?

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    Alternative to Burpees?

    I just literally cannot do these. They murder my knees (torn meniscus in each knee ... ouch) and I am just too damn fat. So far, I've been avoiding the days on Totals that have these. I was thinking of replacing them with slow climbers or something? I don't really know what to do - any suggestions?

    Can you pike jump?
    Mountain climbers or walking push ups are good too.


      That looks crazy 😲

      I will try, I am worried about most exercises with jumps in them due to my knees, but you never grow if you don't try!


        If it is the jumping into/ out of the plank part of the burpee that is the big issue, you could try stepping into/ out of the plank. Instead of the jump at the end, maybe do a calf raise at the end instead of the jump if that is an issue as well.

        It's less stress on your knees, and you still get the benefit of the motion of doing the burpee.


          I like Seri's idea but plank walk outs could be an option too.


            Once the jumps were removed, I no longer had any problems, it is the part of the burpee that in my opinion does not do much good for the knee joints but also for the ankles


              Hi Alleyana a torn meniscus is painful (seen it happen many times) so you have my sympathy.

              Try this for an option (let me see how well I can explain it)

              This is in the format:

              instead of ---> do this

              Jump up ---> stretch up as far as you can
              Squat down ---> bend down, try not to bend your knees too much
              Jump both legs back ---> extend one leg backwards, then the other so you end up in a plank position (or jump both back at the same time if you feel up to it)
              Jump both legs forward ---> bring both legs back in one at a time in the same order (so if you put your left leg back first, you bring your left leg back in first)

              Maybe drop in an up dog / down dog combo in the middle while you're at it.

              SO what you're doing is essentially a series of yoga moves at high speed (but the actual names escape me rn)

              Obviously this will take a lot longer than doing a burpee at full speed (FYI I hate them too) but burpees can be body killers especially if your form isn't good.

              Or maybe try inchworms to push-ups

              The other options as suggested by Seri and Io6 are also good, see how you get on and what works best for you.


                I echo all said above. Take out the jumping and jumping back.
                slow it down and make it smooth and you basically got Sun salutation A (Surya Namaskar A).