What do you do when you haven't slept?

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    What do you do when you haven't slept?

    There are a few nights a month I usually don't sleep well. Last night was like that. I slept 2 hours.

    I usually try taking a Calmag supplement first, because it's calming and usually puts me to sleep. If that doesn't work, the next step is usually a peanut butter sandwich. Crazy as that sounds, in the middle of the night, that's like a natural sleeping aid!

    But sometimes that also doesn't work and I end up staying awake.

    And then I eat all kinds of questionable things the following morning because I'm super tired and my body is asking for energy from food. Especially carby, sugary food.

    Does anyone have any advice on how to "recover" from not sleeping well, especially the next day?

    What specifically do you do, if anything, diet-wise?

    I am not a long sleeper...5-7 hours every night. Most nights 7 hours. I find I don't sleep well when bothered by something in my life...Or if I am ill or recovering from something. Luckily this is usually short lived and I get past it. However, I can say that I have my best sleeps when I am exhausted from a hard day's work combined with a morning workout and an evening walk. Walking really seems to get me into a state of relaxation where I sleep well. A regular routine is very good too. Even if I am off work right now, I wake up and go to bed around the same time every evening...this way the body gets into a regular routine and most people do best with this. I hope this helps.


      Extra protein the next day. What you feel you want is sugar, but protein will keep you more level. Also. Drink a cup of coffee/tea then immediately lie down or at least sit still 30 mins, nap even if you can. Get up and get moving as the caffeine kicks in.


        Thanks 'rin protein sounds like a good idea.

        Cowtownbaldie luckily the only thing that keeps me awake at night is my novel. I start thinking of the story and then I can't stop.