Best cardio + full body combination?

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    Best cardio + full body combination?

    Hi lads,

    new here and would like to combine a cardio and full-body-strength routine/program for a total of ~1hour a day workout.

    What would you guys say are the best combinations? Was thinking Cardio Go and another program, but don't have dummbells and can't quite find one that seems to focus on full body?

    Any input welcome, thanks alot!

    Hi beerbelly and Welcome to the Hive. Depending on your fitness I can recommend Strength Protocol, 30 Days of Strength or 30 Days of Gravity . All of them are full body and strength orientated. I think you need a pullup bar for Strength protocol, but hey, if you don't have one, you need one. Cardio-Go is a nice addon for those programs. It's a bit lenghty so you might get over the hour you specified. Esp. when you do the 2nd prog on level III
    All the best