How much should squats be felt in the back?

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    How much should squats be felt in the back?

    I have been wondering this while doing Xpress Tone. When I'm done doing the squats I feel it in the lower back way more than the legs (to be more specific, not the area with the spine, but the 2 "parts" to the sides) Is this how it's supposed to be?

    Are you leaning forward or rounding your back when you come up? That puts strain on your back. You can lean back a bit before you initiate the up movement, you won't fall back, because the upward movement straightens you out.
    Have a look at this tutorial esp. his back. You should feel squats in your quads and your glutes.
    All the best.


      Scohui short version: you shouldn't.

      Long version: start here.

      Check your form in a mirror (this is where gyms are helpful, at home not so easy) - or get someone to film you while you're doing them*. Do a set of about 10/12 and get yourself filmed from all angles.

      Your back should be straight, make sure your thighs are at least parallel to the floor. Don't get too worried about letting your knees go past your toes, we do that all the time just going up the stairs. Your feet should point out slightly as you squat. On a 6-count, squat down on counts 1-3, pause for one, push up on 6. Look ahead, not down, as you squat down - find a point on the wall and keep your gaze on that as you do all parts of the squat.

      If you struggle with this, a TRX (other suspension trainers are available) can help.

      *EDIT: with the new restrictions due to Covid-19 you may need to film yourself.