Adding Rest Days to Boxer Prime Program

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    Adding Rest Days to Boxer Prime Program

    Hi Team!

    I'm in Boxer Primer (Level II) Day 4 and thinking about a resting day soon as I feel my body will somehow needing it soon

    Any recommendations?

    I believe my options are:

    - Rest on weekends (maybe doing some stretching exercises) and extend the plan for more than 30 days while doing it only on weekdays.

    - Do only one restday when I really feel like needed.

    - Do only one rest day after Day X (recommended by experts )

    - Keep on going (I see for example Day 10 is only stretching so maybe counts like a rest day), not sure if my body will handle so much time.

    Thanks for your tips!

    nsbolso don't get me wrong but Boxer Prime is LEVEL 5 PROGRAM. NOT RECOMMENDED for anyone who is under level 3 and it's written there in description as a WARNING.
    As level 5 there is not much expected you need a rest!! I am doing this program now, together with aproximately 5 and more other exercises.
    Maybe you should think about to get some easier program, there is plenty of them!!
    make yourself a fitness test and choose a program regarding that ! 👍
    Welcome to the Hive and take it easy!
    Fitness test here :

    Programs here:


      nsbolso, welcome to the Hive!

      I guess, you should try pushing further on, but doing less on some certain days when you feel tired. Like, for example, completing all the exercises not in a single session, but rather during the whole day, or enlarging the rest periods, or doing level one instead of your current second. Also feel free to add rest days when you want to. In any case listen to your body first – it is a very complicated mechanism that usually knows what to do.


        nsbolso, by the way, try reading this article, there should be some more useful pieces of advice:


          Just FYI - all programs come with built in "rest days"; these aren't complete rest, but "active rest" - meaning, there will still be exercises, but usually less intense than the other days of the program, and/or taking up less time. I agree with ThreeHens, though, everything is ultimately up to you and your comfort level. This is all on an honor system, don't hurt yourself.


            Thanks all for your answer! Baston I realize this after (about the active rest) and its totally right, I'm much better now with no rest as last days were less intensive.