Biceps and Triceps which one will be toned first?

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    The weight lifting programs are designed in a way that you train different muscle groups on different days. So, on Day 1 you train arms and upper body, on Day 2 you mostly train your legs and lower body. Day 3 is abs (I think) and so on. Basically, you rest your upper body that got a workout on the first day during the workout of the second day (did that make sense?)
    All the programs are carefully designed to have some form of active rest days, so in most cases, you can do them as is.


      Okay, Nihopaloa got it! I just want to make sure since I'm a beginner. Thank you.


        I totally understand the excitement, and good for you! I am struggling to get myself onto the exercise train again.

        Like Nihopaloa says I certainly don't mean that you can't talk about it.