Biceps and Triceps which one will be toned first?

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    Biceps and Triceps which one will be toned first?

    Hello! Im doing one of your arm workouts for a month now. I see muscle definition on my biceps and havent noticed any difference with my triceps.

    Which muscle will tone fast? Biceps or Triceps?

    Hello and welcome to the Hive, Ensee!

    We tend to store more fat in our arms around our triceps, which means that muscle definition will be harder to see there than in the biceps. That doesn't mean your training doesn't make them stronger, though.

    I hope this helps - don't hesitate if you have more questions!


      Ooooohhh!!! Hmmm.. since I want to get rid of my triceps, would it be possible to lessen the exercise for biceps and I'll focus 60% on the triceps? Hahahahaha! Because my biceps really painful. I mean I really felt its burning! But in triceps, not so..

      By the way, thank you Redline 😘


        HaHa,... You should in no way, try to get rid of your triceps.

        Seriously, to get rid of your tricep surrounding mass ( aka fat) you have to lower your overall bodyfat.

        You can not reduce fat on a specific bodypart by doing exercises, but you can change the muscle /fat ratio. to make it more visible behind the curtain.

        The idea of changing the focus is good. Just try, if it works for you...


          From my experience, if you always do bodyweight strength workouts, you will likely develop a lot more triceps than biceps because of things like push-up or tricep dips. It's much harder to make your biceps big without dumbbells or any equipments, unless you do pull-ups.

          Yeah you can't really get rid of your flabby arms without lowering your overall body fat. You will need to work on your diet, too, if you seriously want to kick those fat around your arms. Keep building muscles, too, because they help you burn fat. For females it's even harder to have very low fat around the triceps. I don't see many.

          Oh if what you actually care about is how it or your overall body looks but not really the arm fat itself, you can work on your muscle definition on other areas such as your forearms, shoulders, or even you torso, back, lats, etc., because the visual appearance of one body part can be affected by what's surrounding it. A bigger forearm can make your upperarm appear smaller. A wider back or lats can make your mid section appear narrower and your whole upper body will become slimmer, too.


            HellYeah kandy

            Oh nooooo... ☹

            BUT is it really normal to have a muscle definition on my biceps even Im doing the workout for just a month? Im also thiking its swollen πŸ˜…


              What workout are you doing?



                Im doing Upperbody blast + Trim and Tone πŸ™‚ Twice a week. Using 8lbs dumbbells.

                Is twice a week is good or do I need to do it thrice? 😁

                Im also doing cardio but just walking in place since we were under quarantine and I do not have much space to do other cardio exercises. ☹


                  I have a very small space here in my apartment.

                  6 ft x 4 ft. 🀭 this is the only space I have just for workout.

                  Below is the current pic and my observation. I do not have before pic.

                  Click image for larger version

Name:	20200330_090226_resize_77.jpg
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                  Pink circle - its bulging biceps
                  Blue arrow - disgusting triceps

                  Click image for larger version

Name:	20200330_091646.jpg
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                  Another muscle definition here.

                  Experts, am I doing the correct way? 😁
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                    Hey Ensee,
                    you are at the beginning of your journey. "Beginner gainz" say hello and everything looks fine. Your triceps doesn't look disgusting at all. Just go on and you will see some tricep toning, too.

                    Are you doing the two workouts back to back? Cause if you do, you also could increase the dumbbell weight, and alternating the two workouts three times a week.

                    What about adding PushUps? In case you like it:



                      Yes, HellYeah back-to-back. Increase the dumbbell weight? I only have 8lbs for now. I cannot go outside.

                      What do you mean alternating the 2 workouts thrice a week? I will do the Upperblast only on Monday then Trim and Tone only on Wednesday and then Upperblast only on Friday...something like that?

                      And yes, I can do push ups and planking! Push up is also a cardio? I thought its for toning?


                        And the workout Chest and Back is for male!

                        Im a female. 39 yrs old. Single. 5 ft. 55lbs.


                          Haha, don't feel bad. I think you are looking fine. It's normal to have a bicep bulge even for those who never workout their biceps in particular, because every human has biceps, and we easily just use that muscle every day. Yours doesn't look bulky at all. Mine is "bulkier" than yours, and I haven't done bicep workouts for ages.

                          The Chest and Back is not for male only, although it uses male illustrations. You can take a look at the new program Express Tone. You can use dumbbells of any weight for it.


                            Originally posted by Ensee View Post
                            And the workout Chest and Back is for male! ​
                            If I can do Girl Power Week, you should be fine with workouts showing male illustrations. Exercising has no gender.

                            ​​​​​​What I meant was Upperbod blast on Monday, trim and tone on Wednesday and Chest and Back on Friday, for example.

                            No exercise is only for cardio or strength, it depends on the persons fitness. If you only can do a few repetitions, you built strength muscle and if you can do a lot you built endurance/cardio.

                            kandy good tip with Express Tone!


                              Here's an old post that it could be helpful.

                              ...and I would add "Tricep Dips" (also called "bench dips")